With SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2021, you can solve additional problem types of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and improve the processing of project results.

Fluid Flow of Rotating Components

The rotating area is a powerful feature used to simulate the fluid movement of rotating parts. In SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2021, the Rotation Area can be combined with the Free Surface feature. This combination is ideal for mixing tasks and it can be leveraged further to better understand product performance. We have simulated the torque and power requirements of the thruster described below when it interacts with two separate fluids simultaneously. We created targets to track these outputs, and by going to the history section of the Goal Chart, we kept track of the torque and power throughout the study period. assist. With SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2021, the additional columns in the summary table make it easier than ever to find the maximum and when they appear.

Visualize the results

You can create generic cells to visualize results even more efficiently using the new Create-Plots-From-Scene command. You can even create the same cells in multiple projects at the same time by simply activating the cells to view them. If you create one or more cells that you will use in other projects, simply show the desired cells and the Create new scene template option. This allows you to create your different custom lots in any other project with just one command.

Heat Transfer

Another popular application for SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is heat transfer. The tires described below have many internal electrical parts that generate heat. The case itself is designed to act as a radiator. But how can you accurately determine how heat moves place to place?

Flux Plot provides a graphical interface that allows you to quickly understand where heat is generated and where it is going. A new option in this Lot groups all items by category so that you can quickly check your simulation's energy balance and ensure that your research has full convergence.

The area is cut off

Now you can investigate specific areas of a model by creating a cropped area. When you click on the Auto cell Min and Max options, they are calculated this clipped area, so you can clearly convey the range of without further manual modification.

Improve your simulation-driven design missions with scalability and result processing even more efficiently with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2021.

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